Why ERG?

  • Continuous Improvement Starts Here

    Education Resource Group was founded with the desire to provide public education with a framework for managing continuous improvement. The result is ERGAnalytics, an integrated suite of performance management tools that address public education at every level - from the state to the student.

  • District and Campus leaders have the necessary tools to manage the performance of their organizations. These tools assist in goal setting and monitoring the progress toward those goals.

  • Providing School Districts with a reliable method to benchmark their performance against other high-performing districts and campuses. The accountability system does not do this well, and internal efforts are expensive. An independent source of information is a powerful complement to information generated internally for the Board and the community.

  • Tools designed for senior leadership at the district and campus levels.There is a minimum burden on staff training or widespread roll-out, so benefits are gained quickly.

  • The ERGAnalytics Planning Analyst Module offers guidance that will focus instruction that can help move academic performance higher in both the Texas accountability system and the ERG Performance Matrix. The predictive capability will improve long range planning process by linking strategies to outcomes.

In order to be #1 in academics, there must be a rigorous, independent measurement framework in place to set goals and track progress. Let ERG provide you with the necessary tools to get your district and students to the top!