Planning Analyst

Growth Measure

Provides the basic measurement of student learning that can be widely used within the district to evaluate the performance of functional organizations. Each student has a learning (growth) value that can be rolled up to teachers, grades, subjects and campuses. Outcomes drive strategies for all parts of the organization.

Progress Matrix

Monitors student mobility through the STAAR passing standards. Tracks student movement from assessment to assessment. The Progress Matrix is essential for diagnosing strengths and weaknesses in instruction. A Progress Matrix is generated for the district, for each campus, and for each subject and grade.

Progress Rate Predictions

Utilizes historical performance data to predict end-of-year pass rates based on the profile of the students enrolled at the start of the year. Predictions are updated with each district wide assessment.

Special Features

Test Psychometrics
Evaluates the quality of local assessments. Helps focus on areas to improve the quality of the assessments.
Student Mobility Analysis
Supports custom analysis of student groups based on rate of learning (e.g. Fast Growth, Constant Growth, Constrained Growth).
Make Connections
Improves interventions by linking teacher strengths with student needs.