District & Campus Analyst

ERG Performance Matrix

Compare performance your with peers to determine the effectiveness of district initiatives, programs and strategies. The Performance Matrix allows you to identify high performers in all areas of academics, spending, and staffing among all districts and campuses.

Predictive Model

Continuous improvement is a critical component of a healthy organization. Gain insight on the effectiveness of your current strategies to determine next steps for improvement. Learn from the success of others by discovering fast growth districts and campuses like you in the state.

Performance Profile

The time school leaders spend on annual improvement planning is significant. Administrators can evaluate performance trends using the longitudinal analysis to quickly identify priority areas for improvement and monitor progress of strategies year to year.

Special Features

Accountability Optimizer
Quickly identify strategies to improve accountability ratings.
Comparison Tool
Compare your district or campus to another or to a peer group.
Search Tool
Quickly search the state-wide database to find districts & campuses that have solved challenges you face.
Staffing Models
Increase the effectiveness of your staff by using models that optimize academic outcomes.
Determine how to allocate your limited funds by comparing with other, high-performing districts
Historical Trends
Use years of comparative historical data to measure the success of past initiatives.