ERG Products & Services

ERG modules are designed to help organizations improve their performance by providing customers key information for decision making.

District & Campus Analyst
District & Campus Analyst ERG's District and Campus Analyst offers solutions that identify academic and financial best practices, provide a framework for value-added measurements, and support accountability efforts in public education. Using analytical models, districts and campuses are ranked a variety of metrics including achievement, performance, staffing, and spending – allowing school leaders to not only see their progress from year-to-year, but where schools and districts stand within a peer group. More Info
Planning Analyst
Planning Analyst The Planning Analyst provides sophisticated tools that generate actionable strategies from the mass of student and classroom level performance data. More Info
Leadership Analyst
Leadership Analyst The Leadership Analyst is designed to make your organization more effective. All organizations face similar challenges in merging a wide variety of personalities, skills, and experiences into an effective team. High turnover rates are common and are expensive, creating an incentive to improve retention. Hiring processes can be improved by developing a rich database on performance related qualities. Professional development activities can be directed toward areas of highest gain. More Info
ERG Oracle
ERG Oracle Coming Soon. More Info
Professional Services
Professional Services Education Resource Group provides professional services from product launch to full implementation, tailored to meet your organization’s needs. More Info